Listen & Discover with Pooh

Listen & Discover with Pooh

Pooh Corner Hartfield


Listen & Discover with Pooh is two toys in one. On the one paw you have a lovely cuddly Pooh Bear, ready for cuddles at bedtime and to go anywhere you choose. And on the other paw, you have a talking story book! A clever cloth book that plugs in at the corner to Pooh’s right paw! Suddenly story time becomes interactive as you leaf through the “Hide and Seek” story, making all kinds of new discoveries!

Listen to Pooh as he chats away and says over 30 different phrases! Mum and dad can add to the stories as you leaf through the pages. There are absorbing activities to try as you go, different ways to bring story time to life like never before! At bedtime, Pooh will also play your choice of five soothing lullabies. Then next time it’s playtime, you can detach the book and explore its many colours, characters and textures.

Take it with you for fun games and stories on the go – in the car, at play group or on holiday. There’s even a special hoop to help you hook it on to pushchairs and highchairs.

• Listen & Discover with Pooh from TOMY brings both story times and Winnie the Pooh to life!
• Pooh’s special book attaches to his paw to bring the “Hide and Seek” story to life.
• Hear Pooh speak as he says more than 30 phrases!
• Includes 5 lullabies and lots of fun-filled activities.
• Suitable from 10 months onwards.