Eeyore nuiMOs

Eeyore nuiMOs

Pooh Corner Hartfield


Cheer up gloomy Eeyore as you take this Disney nuiMOs small soft toy along on wonderful adventures. Originating in Japan, nuiMOs are a cute and cuddly new collection of your favourite Winnie the Pooh friends.

nuiMOs comes from the Japanese words nuigurumi (plush) + moderu (model)

    • Embroidered details
    • Soft-feel finish
    • Poseable
    • Winnie the Pooh stands without support
    • Magnetic hands close or hold hands with other nuiMOs small soft toys
    • H17 x W8 x D6.5cm approx.
    • Made from polyester fibre
    • Hand wash only
    • Suitable for ages 6+
    • Remove tag and all plastic fasteners before giving to children